Interpretation & Translation

Who May Use This Service 

TCRIS’s main goal is to improve access to licensed Spanish court interpreters in rural district and county-level courts with limited access to licensed interpreters. However, as time and resources permit, OCA’s interpreters may also be available to provide interpretation services to any district, county, justice and municipal court, regardless of county population or access to licensed interpreters.

Interpreting services are available for all case types. However, if the demand for interpreting services starts to exceed the interpreter's availability, then services will be provided in the following priority order:

  1. Protective order hearings
  2. Indigent defendants in criminal cases and respondents in juvenile cases
  3. Criminal and juvenile cases
  4. Probate and mental health cases
  5. Family law cases
  6. Civil cases
  7. Other cases

Priorities will be applied for scheduling purposes as interpretation requests are received. Once TCRIS has confirmed interpretation services for an upcoming time period, those services will be provided to the court regardless of later requests from rural courts or higher-priority case types during the same time period.