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Texas Court Remote Interpreter Service (TCRIS) 

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Licensed court interpreters available to courts via speakerphone or videoconference.

Overview & Scope

The Office of Court Administration’s (OCA) Texas Court Remote Interpreter Service (TCRIS) provides:

For interpretation and translation needs not covered by TCRIS, please see the OCA Language Access Program.

  1. These interpreters have passed stringent oral and written testing developed by the National Center for State Courts' Consortium for State Court for Language Access in the Courts, are experienced in Texas courtroom procedures, meet annual continuing education requirements, and comply with the Licensed Court Interpreters Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
  2. Interpreting services, however, should be scheduled in a larger time block than 30 minutes, to account for the slower pace of interpreted hearings, possible delayed start time of the hearing, and other extenuating circumstances.  Examples of short, non-contested and non-evidentiary hearings would be arraignments, magistrations, plea hearings, bail hearings, pre-trial motions, ex-parte protective order hearings, prove-up of agreed divorces, etc.
  3. The Court may click the Schedule an Interpreter button at the top of the TCRIS Home page, to check if an interpreter is available for the desired time and date.
  4. While the interpreting services are free, the Court is responsible for the payment of any phone or other charges incurred, as well as for providing the phone or videoconference equipment used by the Court.