Texas Judicial Branch

Uniform Case Management System 

In response to Governor Greg Abbott's School Safety Action Plan, the 86th Texas Legislature appropriated funds to the Office of Court Administration (OCA) to contract with a third party to establish a uniform case management system for use by counties, focusing primarily on counties with a population of 20,000 or less. 

It was the intent of the Texas legislature that OCA procure a system that would: (1) collect county judicial data, including mental health adjudications and domestic violence protective orders; (2) provide timely and accurate reporting of judicial data to the office and the national criminal history record information and mental health record repositories; (3) easily integrate with existing state and countywide systems to allow frequent sharing of information between systems; and (4) include adequate reporting standards to ensure the accurate reporting of information through the system.

In August of 2021, OCA successfully executed contracts for the statewide Uniform Case Management System known as UCMS, with three (3) vendors. Clerk's Offices across Texas will have the opportunity to work with a selected vendor, at no-cost, for implementation of a UCMS. The vendor selected will be responsible for implementing UCMS for use by the Clerk's Offices and provide hosting, training, maintenance, and ongoing production support services for Clerk's Offices that elect to use UCMS. To the extent that a Clerk's Office seeks data conversion or migration, it may contract directly with the vendor for such services. 

For questions regarding the Uniform Case Management System, please contact Jeffrey Tsunekawa, Director of Research and Court Services.

Please see the official Press Release.

Contracted Vendors to Provide the Uniform Case Management System

iDocket - https://online.idocket.com/

iDocket UCMS Contract

Catalis (previously known as ICON Software) - https://catalisgov.com/

ICON UCMS Contract

Tyler Technologies - https://www.tylertech.com/

Tyler Technologies UCMS Contract