Statistics & Other Data

Statistics & Other Data 

Administrative Judicial Region Presiding Judges' Activity

Annual summary of activity conducted by the presiding judges of the Administrative Judicial Regions.

Appointments & Fees Reports

Reports on court appointments made and any fees approved/paid for an attorney ad litem, competency evaluator, guardian, guardian ad litem, or mediator.

Backlog Data and Dashboards

Information about COVID-related backlog in the district and county courts.

Bail Statistics and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards on select information about bail and pretrial release. 

Court Activity Statistics

  • Annual Statistical Report covering each state fiscal year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. Includes an overview of Texas court structure and jurisdiction, analyses of case activity and trends, and statistics from appellate and trial courts.
  • Trial Court Activity Database allowing users to run reports for the information offered in the annual statistical reports for district, county, justice and municipal courts. Reports may be run for a specific county or court (where available) and for date ranges other than the state fiscal year.
  • District & County Court-Level Reporting covering monthly data for each trial court in a county with a population over 1 million.

Court Interpretation Services

Annual summary of court interpretation services and expenditures by county beginning October 1 and ending September 30. First reporting year time frame is October 2023 to September 2024.

Court Security Incidents

Annual summary of court security incidents occurring in or around a building housing a court.

Hate Crimes

Report of cases in which a request was made for an affirmative finding that an offense was committed because of bias or prejudice. 

Indigent Defense Statistics

County Datasheet designed to provide a high-level overview of the indigent defense information that each individual county has reported to the Commission since 2001. Includes a summary of statewide statistics for the most recent fiscal year. 

Information on Texas Judges

A variety of information about judges including demographics and salary data.

Judicial Bypass Cases

Annual report on the disposition of judicial bypass cases by trial courts, aggregated by court of appeals district.

Jury Charges & Sentences in Capital Cases

Contents of the trial court's charge to the jury and the sentence issued in each case of cases involving the trial of a capital offense.

Writs of Attachment

 Writs of attachment that were issued related to grand jury investigations, criminal trials or other criminal proceedings.