Public Safety Report System

Statistics & Dashboards 

SB 6 mandated the reporting of additional new data elements, bail, and pretrial release information. Section 71.0351(b) requires that the Office of Court Administration post the information in a publicly accessible place. The reporting requirements are effective April 1, 2022.

Dashboards Website

OCA has developed a set of dashboards to display the required reporting elements. This data is updated daily to reflect the most recent information. Below is a description of the data reported from each system.

Public Safety Report System

Data for whom bail was set after arrest and any bond type modifications.

Section 71.0351(a)(1)(A-C) requires the reporting of the number of defendants for each category of offense, the number of personal bonds, and the number of surety or cash bonds. This is information being captured from the Bail Form information submitted through the PSRS.

Judicial Council Trial Court Activity Reports

Data elements for the number of cases for defendants who have been released on bail.

Section 71.0351(a)(2-3) requires the reporting of the number of defendants released on bail who have subsequently failed to appear, violated a condition of release, and who committed an offense while released on bail or community supervision. This information is being captured in the District and County Criminal section of the Judicial Council Monthly Court Activity Reports. Data is captured by case counts, not defendants, given that court case management systems and the Judicial Council Monthly Court Activity Reports are designed to track cases. For more information regarding the additional reporting requirements under this section, please visit the District & County Court Reports website.

Please note that reports are due on the 20th of each month. Therefore, the most recent month may not be complete depending on the day the data is viewed.

Annual Report