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The Second Called Session of the 87th Legislature (2021), enacted Senate Bill 6 related to procedures for setting the amount of bail, the release of certain defendants on a monetary or personal bond, the duties of certain officers taking bail bonds and of magistrates in criminal cases, and to the reporting of information pertaining to bail bonds. The bill requires OCA to implement a standardized public safety report system for statewide use. The bill also requires OCA to provide access to the system to the appropriate officials in each county and each municipality that perform magistrations at no cost. The bill also requires magistrates who set bail to consider the public safety report for a defendant charged with a Class B misdemeanor or higher category of offense. The project consists of developing the statewide Public Safety Report System (PSRS) required to be implemented by OCA that meets the requirements of Senate Bill 6, including reporting requirements; implementing the PSRS in all local magistrate offices throughout the State; and training all statewide users in the use of the PSRS. The system implementation must take effect by April 1, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OCA doing about the newly required forms? OCA has been working with a number of stakeholders on the forms required by the legislation. As those forms take more shape, we will begin to share them.

  • Aren't there changes to reporting for Clerks?
    Yes. The legislation mandated the addition of new data elements related to bail and pretrial release information. The reporting requirements are effective April 1, 2022Although Section 71.0351(a)(1)(A-C) requires the reporting of the number of defendants for each category of offense, the number of personal bonds, and the number of surety or cash bonds, this information will instead be captured from the Bail Form information submitted through the Public Safety Report System established by Article 17.021, Code of Criminal Procedure.  Section 71.0351(a)(2-4) data elements will be added to the Criminal Section of the District and County Court Judicial Council Monthly Court Activity Reports that are submitted to OCA.

  • Aren't there new procedures regarding charitable organizations?
    There are a number of stipulations in the bill required for a charitable organization to be certified by the clerk including IRS records and documentation certifying the Charitable Bail fund is a registered and recognized 501(a) or a 501(c)(3) organization. OCA has created forms for courts to use or modify. The forms and more information on charitable bail organizations can be found in our resources page.

  • Will training be required?
    Yes, the bill calls for OCA to develop or approve training to be conducted on the duties of a magistrate, including duties with respect to setting bail in criminal cases. We are currently in discussions with several of the training entities to help conduct these trainings. Included in the training will be training on how to access and use the PSRS.


Current Listing of Jurisdictions/Judicial Officers with an ORI

In order to access the system, magistrates must have an Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number which is provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The ORI number is a federal designation that provides agencies access to the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), and, in Texas, the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS). 

OCA has created a website with information regarding SB6 and resources on how to obtain an ORI number from DPS should your court require one. Included on the site is a list of courts with an existing ORI number, as provided by DPS.​

Directions on how to apply for an ORI


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Updated: 01/25/2022