Public Safety Report System


PSRS Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions document answers questions related to the system functionality, system customization, processes, bond modifications, and forms.

Magistration and the PSRS

The PSRS Process document was created to help provide guidance on the system's order of events and how/where the system can be integrated into local processes. This document covers the system's involvement starting at the time an individual is processed after an arrest to the time the magistration is complete. Processes will vary depending on the location. Therefore, OCA encourages you to reach out to your local counterparts (law enforcement agencies/offices, jails, courts, etc.) and decide who will require access to the system.

District and County Court Judges

The PSRS District and County Court Judges document provides answers and guidance to the following questions:

  • What does the PSRS do?
  • When do I have to consider a public safety report generated by the PSRS?
  • When do I have to submit a bail form?
  • Are there training requirements imposed by SB 6?

Monetary Bonds Procedures and Forms

Charitable Bail Organizations

Information regarding Charitable Bail Organizations.

Sample Forms for Courts:

Sample Forms for Sheriffs and Charitable Bail Organizations: Charitable Bail Organization Bail Report