District & County Court-Level Reporting

Reporting for Counties with a Population Over 1 Million (HB 1182)

Section 71.035(a) of the Texas Government Code requires counties with a population of at least one million to include additional information in their monthly reports for each district and county court in the county

Reporting requirements can be found here.

Monthly Court-Level Reports Submitted

Performance Measures for District and County Courts (HB 2384)

Section 72.083(b) of the Texas Government Code requires the Office of Court Administration to annually collect and publish a report including performance measures for each district court, statutory county court, statutory probate court, and county court. All district, statutory, statutory probate, and county courts will be required to submit annual court level data for the completion of this annual report. 

Reporting requirements can be found here.

Upcoming Webinars

To address questions received related to the new reporting requirements above, OCA will host live webinars followed by a Q&A session. The dates below will be updated as sessions are scheduled. 

The following webinars will cover reporting information on Performance Measures for HB 2384 only. These reporting requirements apply to all counties.

Day Time Zoom Link Recording Link Passcode
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 9:30am central https://txcourts.zoom.us/j/82981009645    
Wednesday, July 31, 2024 9:30am central https://txcourts.zoom.us/j/83904942913    
Wednesday, August 14, 2024 11:00am central https://txcourts.zoom.us/j/83318339408    
Wednesday, August 21, 2024 9:30am central



Past Webinar Recordings (HB 1182 and HB 2384)

You can download a copy of the webinar PowerPoint here.

Day Time Zoom Link Recording Link Passcode
Friday, February 16, 2024 11:00am central


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Wednesday, February 21, 2024 11:00am central


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Wednesday, March 6, 2024 11:00am central https://txcourts.zoom.us/j/83816885412 Click here a*1.wP1x
Thursday, March 21, 2024 11:00am central https://txcourts.zoom.us/j/83827471794 Click here Y#$nY68t
Tuesday, March 26, 2024 9:00am central


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