Centers of Excellence

Performance Areas 

Courts choosing to participate in the Centers of Excellence Program will be evaluated each of the four keys areas outlined below.


Governance is role that court plays as part of the county government in the state of Texas. This performance area is evaluated on how a county engages in enforcing, refining, and promulgating local administrative rules. This performance area evaluates how a court works with other stakeholders in the justice system and other branches of government, and how transparent and involved the participating court(s) are in their communities.

Access and Fairness

Access and fairness emphasizes how accessible and transparent a court is with court staff, visitors, and court users. This area evaluates how a court uses technology, signage, and processes to ensure that the court is open and available to its community to resolve and mediate conflict and ensure each visitor is granted their fair and equal day in court.

Data Driven Caseflow Management

Data Driven Caseflow management is the nuts and bolts of daily court activities. This area evaluates how a court manages and controls its docket. Whether there is a docket control order in place. And how a court uses data to manage the daily flow of cases in a timely and efficient manner.

Court Operations

Court operations typifies how a court operates in its duties to manage and plan long term outside of day to day caseflow management. This area evaluates budgeting and planning practices. Training opportunities for staff. And ensures courts are managing and requesting resources when appropriate.