Court Coronavirus Information

Approved Jury Trials 

Pursuant to the Supreme Court of Texas’ Emergency Orders, the Office of Court Administration is directed to assist trial courts in conducting a limited number of jury trials prior to October 1. The trials listed below have been approved to proceed as part of the limited number of jury trials.

City/County Judge Proposed Trial Date Case Type Status
Bowie County Bill Miller 6/18/2020 Aggravated Robbery Conducted
Scurry County Ernie Armstrong 6/29/2020 Aggravated Robbery Conducted
Bowie County John Tidwell 6/29/2020 Aggravated Sexual Assault Child Conducted
Harris County Belinda Hill 7/6/2020 Continuation of Arkema Trial Continued
Cameron County Janet Leal 7/20/2020 Felon in possession of firearm Continued
Williamson County Doug Arnold 7/20/2020 Assault - Family Violence Pled
Randall County Ana Estevez 7/20/2020 Aggravated Robbery Pled
Henderson County Dan Moore 7/23/2020 Aggravated Robbery Continued
Comal County Dib Waldrip 7/23/2020 Home owners association dispute Conducted
Harris County Donna Roth 7/27/2020 Fraud/Breach of Fiduciary Duty Settled
Brown County Steve Ellis 7/27/2020 Sexual Assault Child; Cont Sexual Abuse of Child Punishment Pled
Brazos County Steve Smith 8/3/2020 Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon Conducted
Harris County Latosha Payne 8/5/2020 Products Liability Continued
Brazos County Kyle Hawthorne 8/10/2020 Juvenile trial Continued
Tarrant County Bob Brotherton 8/10/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841) Conducted
Brazos County Steve Smith 8/10/2020 Civil case Continued
Brazos County Travis Bryan 8/10/2020 Criminal competency trial Continued
Brown County Steve Ellis 8/10/2020 Assault - Family Violence Conducted
Tarrant County Chris Wolfe 8/10/2020 Capital Murder - Death Continued
Irion County Carmen Dusek 8/10/2020 Possession of Child Pornography Continued
Travis County JP Nicholas Chu 8/11/2020 Class C Speeding in Construction Zone - Virtual Conducted
Bowie County Jeff Addison 8/11/2020 Sexual assault Panel qualified; pled before trial commenced
Tarrant County Elizabeth Berry 8/17/2020 Capital Murder - Death Continued
Brazos County Kyle Hawthorne 8/17/2020 Continuous Family Violence Assault Mistrial - COVID related
Collin County Andrea Thompson 8/17/2020 Aggravated Sexual Assault Child Continued
Montgomery County Claudia Laird 8/17/2020 Eviction Appeal Conducted
Brazos County Steve Smith 8/17/2020 Burglary - 3rd degree Conducted - punishment delayed to September due to COVID issue
Bowie County Bill Miller 8/17/2020 Possession of Controlled Substance Continued
Bowie County John Tidwell 8/17/2020 Capital Murder - Non-Death Conducted
Fort Bend County Jim Shoemake 8/18/2020 Assault - Family Violence  Jury picked, trial delayed for COVID reasons
Bexar County Antonia Arteaga 8/19/2020 Personal injury civil trial - virtual Jury qualified remotely- trial delayed to September
Scurry County Ernie Armstrong 8/20/2020 Tax appraisal challenge Conducted
El Paso County Patrick Garcia 8/21/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841) Waiver of jury trial
Randall County Ana Estevez 8/24/2020 Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon Conducted
Harris County Beau Miller 8/24/2020 Personal Injury - Auto Conducted
Kendall County Kirsten Cohoon 8/24/2020 Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon Conducted
Mills County Steve Ellis 8/24/2020 DWI - 3rd Pled
Nolan County Glen Harrison 8/25/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841) Conducted
El Paso County Maria Salas Mendoza 8/28/2020 Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon Continued
Harris County Daryl Moore 8/31/2020 MDL injury case Settled
Brazos County Kyle Hawthorne 8/31/2020 Possession of Controlled Substance Pled
Brazos County Travis Bryan 8/31/2020 Criminal competency trial Continued
Brazos County  Steve Smith 8/31/2020 Family - custody Conducted
Gregg County Alfonso Charles 8/31/2020 Aggravated Assault Conducted
Gregg County Vincent Dulweber 8/31/2020 Personal Injury - Auto Conducted
Brazoria County Terri Holder 9/8/2020 Civil - Tort Continued
Harris County Donna Roth 9/8/2020 Civil case Conducted
Harris County Rabeea Sultan Collier 9/8/2020 Civil case Conducted, settled after jury seated
Harris County Steven Kirkland 9/8/2020 Civl - tort Continued
Midland County George Gilles 9/8/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841) Conducted
Harris County Andrew Wright 9/11/2020 Criminal case Continued
Bowie County Bill Miller 9/14/2020 Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Conducted
Brazos County Travis Bryan 9/14/2020 Civil commitment  
Brazos County Kyle Hawthorne 9/14/2020 Civil case - Personal Injury - Auto  
Collin County Jennifer Edgeworth 9/14/2020 Assault - Family Violence Pled
DeWitt County Jack Marr 9/14/2020 Criminal case Mistrial
Harris County Kelli Johnson 9/14/2020 Felon in possession of firearm, aggravated sexual assault Continued
Harris County Sonya Heath 9/14/2020 Family - custody Conducted
Jones County Brooks Hagler 9/14/2020 Indecency with a Child - Contact Continued
Matagorda County Craig Estlinbaum 9/14/2020 Possession of Controlled Substance Continued
Panola County LeAnn Rafferty 9/14/2020 Capital Murder - Non-Death Continued
Randall County Ana Estevez 9/14/2020 Family - custody  
Travis County Karin Crump 9/14/2020 Civil case - to be tried virtually Continued
Harris County Beau Miller 9/15/2020 Civil case Conducted
Harris County Amy Martin 9/15/2020 Intoxication Assault - Serious Bodily Injury Pled
Nolan County Glen Harrison 9/15/2020 Aggravated Assault - Deadly Weapon Conducted
Robertson County Bryan Russ 9/15/2020 Assault - Family Violence Pled after jury seated
Harris County Brian Warren 9/18/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841) Dismissed
Brazoria County Terri Holder 9/21/2020 Criminal case  
Brazos County Kyle Hawthorne 9/21/2020 Criminal case  
Brazos County Travis Bryan 9/21/2020 Sexual Assault - Child  
Brown County Steve Ellis 9/21/2020 Possession of a Controlled Substance  
Galveston County Jared Robinson 9/21/2020 Criminal case  
Gregg County Alfonso Charles 9/21/2020 Aggravated Assault  
Harris County Donna Roth 9/21/2020 Civil case - property dispute  
Harris County Kelli Johnson 9/21/2020 Possession with Intent to Deliver Pled
Harris County Sonya Heath 9/21/2020 Family - custody modification Settled
Harris County Belinda Hill 9/21/2020 Continuation of Arkema Trial  
Jefferson County Raquel West 9/21/2020 Criminal case Cancelled due to TS Beta
Kaufman County Casey Blair 9/21/2020 Murder  
Midland County David Lindemood 9/21/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841)  
Tom Green County Carmen Ducek 9/21/2020 Aggravated Robbery  
Bowie County John Tidwell 9/22/2020 Aggravated Robbery  
Cass County Bill Miller 9/22/2020 Assault Injury to Elderly  
Harris County Beau Miller 9/22/2020 Civil case Continued
Harris County Andrew Wright 9/25/2020 DWI, Assault - Family Violence  
Harris County David Singer 9/25/2020 Assault - Family Violence  
Harris County Hilary Unger 9/25/2020 Aggravated Assault Continued
Brazoria County Justin Gilbert 9/28/2020 Murder  
Galveston County Lonnie Cox 9/28/2020 Aggravated Robbery  
Gregg County Scott Novy 9/28/2020 Criminal case  
Gregg County Vincent Dulweber 9/28/2020 Personal injury - Auto  
Harris County Angela Graves-Harrington 9/28/2020 Family  
Harris County Kelli Johnson 9/28/2020 Continuous Sexual Assault  
Harris County Amy Martin 9/28/2020 Criminal case  
Harris County Beau Miller 9/28/2020 Civil case  
Matagorda County Craig Estlinbaum 9/28/2020 Criminal case  
Midland County Jeff Robnett 9/28/2020 Civil Commitment (H&S Code Ch. 841)  
Travis County Karin Crump 9/28/2020 Civil case - to be tried virtually  
Victoria County Eli Garza 9/28/2020 Murder  
Bastrop County Cindy Allen 9/29/2020 Eviction- to be tried virtually  
Fort Bend County Maggie Jaramillo 9/29/2020 Indecent Exposure