Legislative Information

Below is legislative information for recent Legislative Sessions. For information related to older sessions, please contact the Director of Public Affairs.

Texas Judiciary Legislative Update Reports

These reports briefly summarize new legislation impacting the Texas court system, judges, clerks, and other judicial actors. No attempt is made to cover substantive areas of the law in detail; other entities are expected to provide legislative updates on substantive legal topics.

Texas Judicial Council


Policy Briefs

Judicial Campaign Fairness Act
Legislative Recommendations on Pretrial Release
Legislative Recommendations on Court Security
Guardianship Compliance Project
Legislative Recommendations on Mental Health


86th Legislative Session

House Committee on Appropriations S/C on Articles I, IV & V | February 15, 2019

House Criminal Jurisprudence | February 11, 2019

Senate Finance | January 29, 2019

Testimony from Previous Sessions

85th Legislative Session
84th Legislative Session
83rd Legislative Session