Video Conferencing

Project Participants 

Please note that facilities or participants to a video conferencing call must already be equipped with video conferencing ability in order to schedule and conduct a video conferencing call.  If you would like to set up a video conference with a child in a placement which is remote to you, or with a child who is unable to leave his or her placement to meet with you, please check to see if both the participant initiating the video conferencing call and the participant receiving the call are equipped to do so.  Below are links to directories of the entities which are set up for videoconferencing.  View a list of equipment requirements.

The OCA will provide a user account and password to entities (courts, facilities, CASA offices), not to individuals.  Only one video conferencing session per user account can be conducted at a time.  Video client software will be provided for download and installation on the user’s computers or mobile devices.